Stalo Papoutsou graduated in 2002 from Apostle Varnavas Lyceum with a distinction for highly academic performance. She studied Dietetics and Nutrition with a full state scholarship at Harokopio university in Athens. She completed her MSc in 2008 at the same university with high scientific interest in nutrition therapy for bariatric patients and osteoporosis and nutritional intervention. She worked as a Research Assistant (The HELENA project, The Postmenopausal Health Study, The Medis Study) for three years at Harokopio University. She has completed her PhD thesis at School of Medicine at the University of Crete later in 2014; she studied the association of childhood obesity and related disorders to nutritional behavior, lifestyle and perinatal risk factors, while implementing a three-year family and community for obesity prevention and intervention program (within the IDEFICS Project). For the past nine years, she is an Associate Investigator at Research and Educational Institute of Child Health, participating in large national and international studies funded by the EU (EXPOCHI study, IFamily). She is currently a Principal Investigator, in charge of the nutrition data collection, as well as the development of nutritional assessment instruments, for the First National Dietary Survey of Cyprus funded by EFSA. The Survey is being conducted by the Research and Educational Institute of Child Health and the State General Laboratory of Cyprus. Stalo Papoutsou is a Visiting Lecturer of Clinical Dietetics, Pediatrics Nutrition, Nutrition Policies & Nutrition Health Promotion at European University and Frederick University of Cyprus. She has authorship and co-authorship for numerous publications in peer-reviewed international journals. She is also working at her private practice office as a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist specialized in infant and child nutrition for the past seven years.